Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dachshund Sunday Prayer

Dear God: The only bad thing about Christmas is it happens when it is cold and snowy. Since, I am planning on hibernating most of this winter under my blankie, do you think I can talks Mommy into celebrating Christmas before the snow comes?


Lyn said...

Sasha-you sure are ready for Christmas! You are the most adorable Santa elf :)

laughingfridge said...

Yes, I think there should be Christmas in July for doxies, then the humans can celebrate again in December. Double prezzies!

kc said...

i vote for the double prezzies idea!

Anonymous said...

dear sasha
you have forgotten about the nice things about the cold.
how about;
snuggling with mom and dad under the blanket
wonderfull pinecones to chew on
delicious things in the kitchen (some of them might fall off the table perhaps)
and so on...
winter can be fun!
and of course;
there is so much love for you everywhere it must warm you for the whole long winter!
yours anni
(from germany, thats why my english sounds so,,,mh,mh)