Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ornaments And Christmas Memories

Sasha here. We have been decorating the tree and Mommy put up my very first doxie Christmas ornament back when I was a little pup on my first Christmas. That is when Mommy met Miss Suz and all my wiener play date buddies. Shortly, after that, we all met and had a blast one play date at a time. Now, miss Suz is on Etsy at redwagonwieners. Aww, the memories one little ornament can bring to mind. Any of you have an ornament that brings back good memories?


AngelPups said...

Very cute ornament! I only do a very small "tabletop" tree now and it has specific ornaments that represent each of my kids (human and pup ;-) but when my three kids were younger and we had a big tree I'd decorate it except for the ornaments, then my kids and I would have hot chocolate while listening to "The Nutcracker" while they hung the still makes me smile ;-) Every single ornament had a story behind it and/or was handmade and unwrapping them each year was like getting gifts all over was a nostalgic, meaningful event every year!

Art and Sew Forth said...

This is a darling ornament! So creative! I have many memorable ornaments. The ugliest ones are sometimes the hardest to part with-the ones the 3 yo just dabbed paint on or the cut outs from craft time. To me, though, they are always beautiful!

Lyn said...

I love that ornament! Is that Sasha and bobo lying in bed? So creative and I bet it brings back such great memories of Sasha's first Christmas :)