Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wiener Wendesday!

rendachs on ETSY

firbreheart on ETSY

Clap your paws and wag your tails. Sasha and I paw picked five very cute doxie items from ETSY this week. So please, click on the pictures above to give these five etsy shops some views and maybe a sale . :)


The Teacher's Pets said...

I have to go walk some dogs (but not weiner dogs, unfortunately) so when I get a moment I will look at the paw-picked Etsy dachshund items more closely! All of them are cute but I don't have weiner dog so would you mind if I adopted you?

laughingfridge said...

@ The Teacher's Pets - of course you can adopt us! We'll be your virtual wiener dogs!

Love the finds today, always a delight to discover new wiener wonders!

Anonymous said...

We're gonna check it out. we have two Doxie cousins Max and Katie..