Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wiener Wednesday

Another week has come and gone. The magical day of the week when we highlight five awesome pawsome Etsy dachshund finds has come again. This week like most Sasha and I had a hard time picking. There is so many cute doxie items on Etsy. We find picking just five is such a hard task. But, we did it, and hopefully, you all think these are the top dogs this week, too.

As always, if you like the above items, please, click on the pictures to get to the listing page on Etsy.


makingstuffwithlove said...

Darling things and you know i am partial to Sue Ann's work :) Great finds!

Kim~Stay Joyful said...

LOVE it! I had no idea there was a Doxie loving Etsy team! Thank you for featuring my I "Heart" My Doxie Necklace! I love the breed, although I personally do not have one I would LOVE to someday. In my "prior" life I worked as a vet tech and really enjoyed the Doxies and their owners. I found that most had more than one too!....Perhaps I should hope to have a couple later in life then. I have to read more on this blog and the team when I have a chance but I wanted to say Hi and Thank you!

Scrappy said...

good to be back and see what the doxie lovin' folks are up to:)

Great stuff there!