Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's Message From Your Dachshund!

The bark on the streets this week from all the little long ones is all about the in-door tree being back! They can't stop barking about the lights and of course bragging about:  "My human has so many wiener dog ornaments on the tree this year.... My human has a dachshund angel at the top..... My humans put the ornament that looks like me on the tree first this year."

As always, if you like the above item, please, click on the picture to get to the item's listing page on Etsy. 


Tracey said...

Thank-you very much for sharing my dachshund ornament on your doggy delightful blog! Hearty woofs all around for our short legged canine companions of the world :)
I appreciate the share, very sweet of you.

I enjoy making all sorts of critters and creatures and characters of every sort but I must admit a particular fondness for dachshunds. Especially making them as ornaments, I think it's such a hoot to see it finished with little legs dangling in the air. :)
Thanks again for the feature!
Smiles from me Tracey aka ALittleCharacter

Scrappy said...

beeauitful ornaments:)

there mustbe some gorgeous trees out there all with cute little dachsunds hanging off them:)

Art and Sew Forth said...

What a fun ornament! I can imagine a whole tree of doxie ornaments - that would be awesome!