Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dachshund team fact or fiction: Frito

This is a little game we like to call Dachshund Team Fact Or Fiction. You need to guess whether or not the following five statements are fact or fiction about doxie Frito from redwagonwieners shop on etsy.

1. He is way bigger than his black and tan brother Zuke.

2. He is obsessed with water and wishes to attack it most of the time.

3. His butt photo is on this blog and a lot of other places, too.

4. He is the alpha dog in his pack and he doesn't even know it.

5. He enjoys playing video games on his human bros play station when the boys aren't around.


melis731 said...

Hmm, from the pctire #1 seems false.
From another picture #2 seems true (I'm jealous, Lily hates the water!).
#3 true (it's a cute one :))
#4 true (he is a doxie after all!)
#5 false

I gave it my best!

Anonymous said...

Tooooo funny! GO FRITTER!

laughingfridge said...

After discussing this with Hannah, we decided they are all true!! Doxies are smart and I bet Frito really knows how to work that playstation joystick, lol. And his butt is waaaayyy cute!

Garden Path Quilts said...

Emma says, "I'm waaaaay to young to look at a guys butt! Well, other than my bro's - who is always sticking it in my face!"

Duke says, "Way to go, Freee-tohh! What level are you on with Mario Bros.? Ever try a good chew on the joystick end when you're bored?"

PetsJubilee said...

false, true, true, true, false

Art and Sew Forth said...

I'm guessing 4 T's then an F. He is sure handsome!! What a fine looking belly you have, Frito!