Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dachshund Prayers: The Rebellious Spirits

Every Sunday Sasha and I would like to offer one of her "Dachshund Prayers" for thought. Just a friendly reminder that every creature has a right to believe or not believe in a higher power. This post is not meant to influence any one's personal spiritual beliefs, but hopefully will inspire us humans to appreciate life in all its glory and sometimes misunderstanding.

Dear God,
Please, bless this rebellious spirit that I have for a little brother for he knows not what he does. OUCH! MY EAR!! MOMMY!!!

On a side note: The dachshund team on etsy wishes all critters great and small a safe and Happy Hallowiener Night!


laughingfridge said...

Hannah loves her little brother but she has 2 ears that are quite important to her! Blessed be the tolerant doxie and the frisky puppy!

Thanks for using my little furry family in this Sunday's prayer :)

Tammy said...

Sweet prayer for those sweet canine siblings... So cute!

Cody's Closet said...

Great prayer and it also applies to Springers and Labs!

Garden Path Quilts said...

Perfect prayer! Duke and Emma always tossle and go for the ears! We know the love is there!

AngelPups said...

This is the perfect prayer for our house, except it should say "little sister" ;-) Moxie is an absolute doll...her only problem? Being too affectionate! But she's breaking Big Mac and Molly in, so they're getting used to her laying on them, sleeping on them, sitting on them, etc. God Bless little brothers and sisters! ;-)

Ariya said...

When Ariya was less than 10 months, she was often hanging on Maya's ear, too.
Poor angel Maya was soooo patient.
Hang in there Edgar Allan Pug's sister!
This is such a cute picture and pray!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

When Giupetto is munching on Gianna's ear, she lays there and lets him. Then when he is done, she jumps up and bites him in the ankle. Apparantly they have worked it out. LOL
Great prayer and picture.

PetsJubilee said...

how adorable!

Lyn said...

that is the cutest picture!