Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dachshund Team Brain Stimulator

For all of us humans that need a little brain stimulation, unscramble the following letters:

er foil feet

(Hint: The answer is a title of one of the items in thebeadmeadow's shop on ETSY.)


Garden Path Quilts said...

I got it! Great fun Athena! Made me see a necklace I want - "I'm not using my boobs anyway"! Love it!

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I got it too! I have to admit, I had to go to the shop. :-)
But that was the idea wasn't it. Had to heart a bracelet while I was there. Really cool natural looking jewelry, Love the shop.

Anonymous said...

Haha- that was great ! It's MY shop and it took me a minute!! Well, in the spirit of everyone being a weiner (winner) I'll offer 25% off your order if you mention this contest.

Thanks Sasha and her mommy!

Laura at thebeadmeadow

laughingfridge said...

love to have my brain stimulated like that, thanks! And I got it without looking! Now I'm going shopping in thebeadmeadows shop to take advantage of that great discount!