Thursday, October 7, 2010

Question Of The Day? No-Nos, What no-nos?

What is the worst "NO-NO" your doxie/dog has ever done?

BarbarasQuilts says:
Well - Emma's worst "No No" was a bit of an accident. It was when she was chewing her bone on my quilt and got a little extra fiber along with her bone! I still haven't fixed the hole!

LaughingFridge says:
Hannah's worst doxie no-no was when she ran across the street chasing a cat! I learned very quickly that she had to stay in a fenced yard!

lynliao3 says:
Pinot's worst No-No:I took her to work one day and had just gotten a cheese and chorizo quesadilla for myself for lunch. Someone started talking to me and I put the bag on a low shelf (it was still wrapped in foil inside a plastic bag). I talked to the person for 5 minute, then suddenly realized that Pinot was no where to be found (too quiet). Looked all over for her and finally found her under my desk - she had somehow gotten the quesadilla out of the bag, unwrapped the foil, and eaten almost the entire thing! All that was left was part of a tortilla. I thought she would be sick all night, but all she suffered from was a fat stomach and smelled like chorizo sausages for 3 days.
Moral of the story - never leave good smelling food low enough for a Doxie to get it. They will get if no matter what!
ylbb says:
Gigi is a perfect dog, and she never does anything wrong. JUST KIDDING. I am sure she has done something that drives me crazy... like "unmaking" my bed almost every morning because she LOVES to burrow in blankies. Talking back to me when I asked her to do things (she really does). Barking her head off when she heard the slightly sound
outside the house. Trying to steal my food whenever she got a chance etc etc. haha.

thebeadmeadow says:
Mimi has never really done anything really rotten but one of my previous doxies, Salchicha, once ate an entire box of surgical gloves! Heaven only knows what smelled so good to him about a box full of latex gloves but he was ridding himself of gloves, from both ends for several (gross) hours.

SassySashadoxie says:
Sasha on the other hand would be the time she snuck out the door when I was taking the garbage out and just at that time a guy on a bike with his pit bull went riding by. The guy and I had no clue a little wienie could run so fast. She was barking and carrying on and right on his heels for quite a ways. When he stopped to get her she was like hey why did we stop. I wanted to go, too. The pit bull was so sweet and kept looking at his daddy like why did we stop and why are you petting that little interrupting pup squeak. heehee.


Art and Sew Forth said...

What great stories! I needed a laugh.

laughingfridge said...

I just cant believe our sweet doxies could ever do a No-No! hahahaha

AngelPups said...

Except for chasing a pitbull, (only because she hasn't breached the fence yet ;-) Moxie has done just about all of the above and then some!! And I love her more each time she commits a NO-NO!! ;-)