Monday, September 6, 2010

Dachshund Fact Or Fiction: Emma

Dachshund Fact Or Fiction posts are exactly that. We post five little blurbs about a doxie on the team and you guess which is fact and which is fiction. Today we feature Emma from BarbarasQuilts.

1. She eats holes in quilts!
2. She can poop in color!
3. She can destroy a bobo in ten minutes flat!
4. She can hang from a sock in the air with her teeth for nearly 15 seconds!
5. She'll defend humans from all bad brooms, mops, dusters, rakes, and shovels!
Hopefully, Emma's Mommy will be here to validate these charges. heehee. (Sasha says to plead the fifth Emma.)


Art and Sew Forth said...

Ooooo....well-here's my guesses:
1.F 2.T 3.F 4.T 5.T

Emma..."hang in there!" If I am right on #4, I deserve a video!

AngelPups said...

I don't have any guesses (I actually think they're all true ;-) but wanted to say that Emma is BEAUTIFUL! Moxie says she is the perfect color ;-)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

First of all I want to say that Emma is just so cute.

OK, I say true to #2, #4 and #5. I also want to see video of #4 (or #5) LOL I said true to #2 because Emma is such a pretty color, I bet she even has pretty poop. BOL

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

Oh, and #3. I think Sasha threw that one in there. :-)

makingstuffwithlove said...

I think they are all true :) Emma looks like a special girl and I think she can do all these special things lol She's very beautiful, her mom must be very proud!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing all true. What a pretty little red-head Emma is!
Laura (thebeadmeadow)

laughingfridge said...

I don't think she can poop in color, aren't dogs colorblind? bol

Really, I think they are all true because Emma is such a cutie, but we know she has her "dach" side, heehee

Garden Path Quilts said...

No, really, Emma can poo in color! Depends on what color her current toy is! We've seen lime green, pink, white, yellow, etc. Makes it easy to clean up after her! Ha!

You're right - Emma can't hang on to a sock that long. She does get determined though!