Thursday, September 30, 2010

Question Of The Day?

We asked the dachshund team members in etsy team forum thread this question today:

What is one thing that you just love about your dachshund?
And these are the answers we got:
ylbb : What I love about Gigi is when I come home from work, how excited she is to see me and all the love she gives me. :) I also love it when she yawn REALLY LOUD (you can totally see she did it on purpose) when I didn't pay enough attention to her. -_- Does anyone else's doxie does that? Or is it only Miss it-is-all-about-Gigi? ;) But it's quite very cute.
LaughingFridge : I love to play ball with Hannah. She catches the ball like a baseball player. She'd make a great outfielder if there was a Dachshund baseball team!
thebeadmeadow: As a kid, driving from FL (home) to TN (were grandparents were) whenever we crossed the stateline into Tennessee, we'd count down one, two and the yell YEEHAW right when we crossed the stateline. Silly, I know, but we did it for years. So the first time me and the hubs took Mimi with us up to my mom's, we counted one, two and at three, Mimi barked "roof-roof". She still does it, too! That's one thing I love about her: her endearing foibles!
SassySashadoxie: The thing I love about Sasha is she shows so much love and affection for everyone even if you accidentally step on a paw or something. She is just so sweet.


Art and Sew Forth said...

You are killing me with all this Doxie talk! I want a Doxie that plays baseballs, yawns really loud, joins in on the cheers, and still likes me when I step on her paws!
Don't tell Tooey....

Ariya said...

Ariya yarns really loud, too. so cute and funny.

Sasha has wings, that's a really good idea.
Butterfly Doxie, cute. :)

pauline said...

Oh maybe you'll get a Doxie for your b-day, Patty?? Ask dh for one :)

Giupetto and Gianna Tails said...

I love reading about your pups. I love the one with the loud yawn, like hello. Pay some attention, will ya. Hee hee. That is so cute.
Yes, everything you say about Sasha, she seems like such a sweetheart. I just love her from a far.

AngelPups said... the grand scheme of things, what DON't we love about our pets?!? ;-) Great post!

laughingfridge said...

Yes, there is so much to love in these long little packages of doxie goodness!!